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Dhra Patel Honored as Liu Shiming Scholar for Her Excellence and Vision

The Liu Shiming Art Foundation is proud to announce Dhra Patel as the recipient of the Liu Shiming Scholars Fund Award at Western University, Canada. Awarded annually, this scholarship recognizes full-time undergraduate students in the Department of Visual Arts, and Faculty of Arts and Humanities, based on academic achievement. Dhra Patel, an Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts student specializing in Studio Art, exemplifies the award's spirit and dedication.

Dhra Patel. Courtesy the recipient


Dhra Patel's journey in the fine arts has been supported by this scholarship, alleviating the financial challenges associated with pursuing a higher education in art. "This award has lessened the financial burdens of studying fine arts at university, allowing me to focus more on my education and growth as an artist," Patel shares. The moment Patel received the notification of the award, it was a mixture of disbelief and overwhelming gratitude, marking a pivotal moment in her academic and artistic journey.

The Liu Shiming Scholars Fund, donated by the Liu Shiming Art Foundation, aims to support emerging artists like Patel in achieving their educational and artistic goals. Patel plans to use this opportunity to further develop her art practice and continue her education in art therapy program, aspiring to share the power of art with others.

Patel's work explores a range of human experiences, from complex traumas to the beauty of everyday routines, with a focus on intuitive creation. Inspired by Liu Shiming's balance of spontaneity and technique, Patel is determined to find her own voice. "I hope to come close to finding my own balance and style, just as Shiming did in his work," Patel reflects.

The Liu Shiming Art Foundation congratulates Dhra Patel on this achievement and looks forward to the innovative and inspiring contributions she will make to the art world. This award is a testament to the Foundation's commitment to nurturing talent and supporting the next generation of artists in their pursuit of creative excellence.

Written by Chirui Cheng

Photo credits to: Dhra Patel

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