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CUHK MFA Graduation Exhibition: Jay Lau Ka-Chun Honored with Liu Shiming Art Scholarship

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

The "2023 Master of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition" officially commenced on June 24th at the Art Museum of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Alongside showcasing the works of five graduates, the ceremony also featured the presentation of the Liu Shiming Scholarship in Fine Arts to master's graduate, Jay Lau Ka-Chun.

Liu Shiming Scholar: Jay Lau Ka-Chun

Lau expressed his gratitude during the ceremony that this recognition has affirmed his future direction in art. He candidly noted that, "Art creation is both time-consuming and mentally challenging. Sometimes, even after an hour of effort, the returns might not be substantial. Given the limited space and high rent in Hong Kong, having financial support in the form of a fund is crucial for creation."

Lau also expressed his gratitude to his alma mater: "CUHK has a long history, a beautiful environment, and a team of highly qualified teachers. I've learned many skills and gained a lot of knowledge from CUHK, which will be extremely valuable for my future creations." The Liu Shiming Art Foundation, established in 2021, is the first non-profit organization named after a late Chinese artist overseas. It aims to preserve the works of the renowned Chinese artist Liu Shiming and promote advancements in art, history, and culture. Currently, the foundation has established 39 scholarships in 12 countries worldwide. In 2022, the foundation established a seed scholars fund with CUHK to provide scholarships for three outstanding graduates every year.

Geoffery M. Glick, the Co-Chairman of the Liu Shiming Art Foundation, was the guest of honor presenting the awards. He expressed his deep impression of the master's graduation exhibition at CUHK. The students showcased their artistic concepts and values through various artistic expressions. "When you get closer to their works, you can capture more information and details," Glick said. He hopes that future art students will "continue to create astonishing artworks."

The establishment of the Liu Shiming Scholarship in Fine Arts at CUHK has been warmly welcomed by the faculty and students of the Art Department, as it's rare to see awards supporting three-dimensional art creation. Assistant Professor Ho Siu-Kee from CUHK Art Department has previously stated that the existence of this scholarship offers great encouragement for students. He believes that through this scholarship, students' enthusiasm for large-scale, three-dimensional creative work will be ignited.

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