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CUHK's Fine Arts Department Presents Liu Shiming Scholarship to Cheung Tsz Ki

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Cheung Tsz Ki, a student from the Fine Arts Department at the Chinese University of Hong Kong(CUHK), became the first recipient of the Liu Shiming Scholars Fund established at the CUHK. Chang expressed her gratitude for the opportunity, stating that she drew inspiration from Liu Shiming's works, which often revolve around social and human concerns. She believes that art is an important means of expressing social consciousness and reflecting the current state of society.

Liu Shiming Scholar: Cheung Tsz Ki

In an interview, she shared how Liu Shiming's works have inspired her creative journey, particularly Liu’s focus on social issues and people. Cheung draws inspiration from Liu Shiming's honest and heartfelt approach. She particularly admires Liu’s focus on ordinary folk lives.

Cheung's unique artistic style has captivated audiences, especially her recent installation featuring a bed frame made of rigid steel rods and a concave hole sculpted from clay. Her choice to use clay as the core material reflects her belief in the sincerity and authenticity of the creative process. Liu Shiming, too, primarily employs clay sculpture, as it faithfully captures the traces and impressions of the artist's hands, leaving a genuine imprint on the clay. Chang finds this similarity with Liu profound, as both genuinely convey their feelings about the lives of people through their creations.

Professor Ho Siu-Kee

Professor Ho Siu-Kee, acting chairman of the Department of Fine Arts at CUHK, appreciated the foundation’s effort in providing significant support to students interested in arts. He explained that creating sculptures in Hong Kong presents challenges due to spatial and material constraints. The scholarship encourages students to pursue large-scale three-dimensional artworks and unleash their passion for different forms of art creations. Professor Ho stressed the importance of avoiding stagnation and allowing students to fully explore their potential.

Cheung revealed her intentions to utilize the scholarship to acquire materials and rent a suitable studio. These resources will enable her to continue her creative journey and invest more time in sculpting. She stated that her primary focus revolves around the themes of urbanism and people, believing that her artworks reflect the culture and spirit of her local environment. Just as Liu Shiming was devoted to promoting Chinese culture, Cheung feels she is also contributing to the promotion and preservation of her regional heritage.

The Liu Shiming Art Foundation has established 39 scholarships in 12 countries worldwide up until today, making it an overseas non-profit organization named after a deceased Chinese artist. The foundation's collaboration with the CUHK further solidifies its commitment to nurturing young talents in the field of sculpture. The Liu Shiming Scholars Fund aims to empower and encourage emerging artists and scholars to explore multitudinal realms of art creations and contribute to the global art community.

Written by Yimeng Sun

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