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Expanding Art Learnings: Alfonso Garcia from Bowdoin College Receives Liu Shiming Scholars Grants

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

In the pursuit of elevating artistic talents globally, the Liu Shiming Art Foundation is elated to present the 2023 Liu Shiming Scholars Grants to Alfonso Garcia, a fresh talent in the art world and student from Bowdoin College. Starting from this year, the foundation established the fund in collaboration with Bowdoin College, marking a significant step in nurturing the next generation of creative visionaries.

Liu Shiming Scholars Grants recipient Alfonso Garcia with Andy Serwer, the advisory board member of Liu Shiming Art Foundation.

Originally from Jersey City, New Jersey, Alfonso found his artistic bearings under the mentorship of Professor Mark Whitley and advisor Jackie Brown at Bowdoin. His exploratory approach towards art combined with his background in Computer Science has led him to engage in contemporary projects that infuse technology with traditional art forms.

The Liu Shiming Art Foundation Scholarship, conceived in the spirit of the late sculptor Liu Shiming's vision, aims to foster budding talents like Alfonso, providing a platform for their artistic voices to be heard and skills to be developed.

With the financial aid of this scholarship, Alfonso plans to spend the summer on campus, focusing on his craft. He prepares to attend courses at the Maine College of Art&Design, delving into printmaking, 3D modeling, and video editing. Building on his foundational experiences in watercolor and gouache painting, as well as his current focus on charcoal, this scholarship paves the way for him to acquire a wider array of skills. Such expanded learning opportunities will hopefully enhance his existing work and fuel his future artistic endeavors.

The Liu Shiming Art Foundation wholeheartedly congratulates Alfonso Garcia on this deserved recognition. The foundation continues its dedication to nurturing young talents, and remains eager to witness the profound contributions Alfonso will make to the art world.

Written by Yimeng Sun

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