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Liu Shiming Scholar at ASU: Sarah Marie Konecki-Brazeal

Sarah Marie Konecki-Brazeal, one of the Liu Shiming Scholars proudly announced in 2023, boasts a rich artistic background and academic achievements. Graduating from Arizona State University in Art History and Sculpture, she had laid a solid foundation for her art career.

Sarah exhibiting her works. Courtesy Sarah Marie Konecki-Brazeal

Sarah has participated in exhibitions that have drawn attention to her creative works. Exhibitions at Arizona State University, such as "Metro-Dimensional" and "Galilean Models," as well as numerous exhibitions at many galleries and art spaces, have shown viewers art forms and mediums that demonstrate her identity as an artist. Sarah actively engages in her archaeological illustration work while embarking on her novel sculptural projects. From making sculptures in steel and copper to delving into textile techniques for hanging sculptures, she continues to explore new artistic mediums and techniques.

Sarah reflects on Liu Shiming's artwork. Her most important revelation from the archaeological work is that "humans have far more in common than differences." The fusion of ancient and modern elements that Liu Shiming pursues is one of potential directions for Sarah's future endeavors. This opportunity has fueled Sarah's exploration of three-dimensional art. She hopes to utilize these resources to develop her hanging sculpture project further and envisions her site-specific work in Arcosanti, Arizona.

Sarah draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, from her love of archaeology and passion for exploring new mediums and even skills and ideas learned from tattooing, all maximized when she creates her work. "Adaptability is what tattooing taught me," she said, "it forces you to think in a way that creating on a 2D plane doesn't; the canvas moves and changes over time, and the ink that looks good on one client's skin doesn't on another." Sarah believes that creating art is not about making pretty things but about constantly exploring innovative ways to gain full practice in all fields. The scholarship opportunity has motivated her to take a practical path and support her on the way to becoming a true artist.

Written by Chirui Cheng

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