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Liu Shiming Scholar at NYAA: Genesis Mejia

Celebrating this significant achievement! New York-based artist Genesis Mejia is honored to receive the 2023 Liu Shiming Scholarship, marking a pivotal moment in her sculptural journey.

Genesis Mejia reveals her multifaceted artistic approach, rooted in her long-standing fascination with comics. Illustrative mediums, such as ink and markers, have consistently been at the forefront of her creative process. As a sculptor, she shares a growing interest and passion for stone carving. Genesis Mejia highlights the allure of its investment in time and space by expressing a profound connection to sculptural work. Particularly drawn to mediums like stone, she describes the journey of navigating its existence—from the conception of dust clouds to the delicate process of polishing a finished piece.

Genesis Mejia mentions that the Liu Shiming Scholarship will be used in funding her MFA study at the New York Academy of Art, providing new impetus to her art practice. Combining tradition and modernity, Liu's artistic style has inspired Genesis's creative direction, showing an original presentation of narratives and endless creativity from the other side of the world. Like Liu Shiming, Genesis is consciously reminded to prioritize and protect the joy of creation to shape the transformation in art.

Genesis Mejia, Not Conceptual #1 Gilded Gold leaf, Resin, Polished Alabaster Stone, 5 x 8’’, 2019. Courtesy the artist

Artist Statement:

“When envisioning my future as an emerging artist, my education seemed like a distant journey to undertake. Born in an immigrant household and then moving out at 16 had left the financial burden on myself. However, receiving community support such as the Liu Shiming award has truly aided in my artistic and academic endeavors. The support from the foundation not only as an artist but as a sculptor truly motivates me to pursue this passion as a career. I truly am enthusiastic to demonstrate exactly what I can make and to share my journey alongside those that believed in me.”

Written by Chirui Cheng

Photo credits to: Genesis Mejia

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