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Macaulay Receives a $60,000 Gift From the Liu Shiming Art Foundation

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Liu Shiming

The Liu Shiming Art Foundation was established to honor the work of Liu Shiming, a renowned Chinese sculptor who built internationally recognized artwork during the 20th century despite facing physical and economic adversities. As a student in the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Liu Shiming crafted several sculptures, including acclaimed pieces such as “Measuring Land” (1950), which raised awareness about hardworking farmers of the lower and middle classes. Further into his career, the artist continued to devote his time to evolving the world of Chinese art by traveling to remote villages to sculpt and teach.

“He said that art is not a craft,” detailed Liuwei, son of Liu Shiming and Special Advisor to the Liu Shiming Art Foundation, in a recent speech to CUNY students, faculty, and administrators. “When he created sculptures, the technique of the medium was not the focal point, but was instead what he wanted to express from his mind and emotion.”

The Liu Shiming Scholars Fund

Liu Shiming passed away in August of 2010, but his legacy continues to live on through his meaningful sculptures and the generosity of the foundation.

Each year, Macaulay students from all eight CUNY campuses will be invited to complete an application for the Liu Shiming Opportunities Fund grant. One student will be selected to use the grant to pursue a study abroad program, internship, or independent research activity related to art, culture, language, or history. At the conclusion of the experience, the Macaulay scholar will submit a detailed reflection and be invited to showcase their insight at a special reception attended by Foundation members.

Through this gift, the foundation aims encourage students to broaden their cultural knowledge about the world and channel their inner mindfulness.

Angela Goh ‘23 (Brooklyn College), the first Macaulay student to receive the Liu Shiming Scholars fund grant, centered her experience around learning more about the world of sculpture and folk tradition at the Godwin-Ternbach Museum at CUNY Queens College. During her internship, Goh had the opportunity to collaborate alongside museum professionals, understanding the immense commitment and precision it takes to develop an artwork exhibit.

“This portion of my scholarship taught me a lot about the different fields and responsibilities required to create an exhibition, and greatly helped me with learning to effectively communicate with a team,” Goh said. “My advice to future students would be to go out of your comfort zone and to give anything a try. I had no experience working with a museum before my internship, but I was able to learn as I experienced my internship.”

“Macaulay is forever grateful that our students will have the opportunity to engage with China’s rich aspects and explore the world through the legacy of Liu Shiming,” said Interim Vice President of External Relations Stephanie Hyacinth. “They could not possibly have a better mentor and we look forward to contributing to the growth of a culturally aware environment with this newly established partnership.”

By Rishab Gera ’25 (Brooklyn College). Photo courtesy of Queens College.

About Macaulay Honors College

Macaulay Honors College at The City University of New York offers exceptional students a uniquely personalized education with access to the vast resources of the nation’s largest urban university and the largest city, New York City. Selected for their top high school records and leadership potential, Macaulay students receive a full tuition scholarship, a laptop and technology support, and an Opportunities Fund to pursue global learning, research and service opportunities. Macaulay students enroll in one of eight CUNY senior colleges: Baruch, Brooklyn, City, Hunter, John Jay, Lehman, and Queens Colleges and the College of Staten Island.

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