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Meet Jeanie No: The First Recipient of the Liu Shiming Scholarship at Rutgers University

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Liu Shiming Scholar: Jeanie No

Rutgers University's Art History Department recently celebrated its graduation and end-of-year festivities, which included the announcement of the recipient of the inaugural Liu Shiming Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded by the Liu Shiming Art Foundation, a non-profit organization based in New York with the primary objectives of preserving the works of renowned Chinese artist Liu Shiming and advancing the global discourse surrounding arts, history, and cultural studies.

Jeanie No, a highly versatile Art History and Art major with a talent for creating captivating design solutions through digital and print media, was selected as the first recipient of the Liu Shiming Scholarship at Rutgers University. No, who has been interested in drawing since childhood, was drawn to art and crafts and focuses on the natural-based subject matter, such as wildlife and landscapes. No's work in multi-disciplinary practices related to visual art is impressive, and she demonstrated a promising future in the field of art. As a Korean American, No also appreciates the traditional Chinese ways of sculpture and subject matter that are reflected in Liu Shiming's works, which use earth and clay to create rough textures and marks.

The Liu Shiming Art Foundation's goal is to provide support and funding for emerging artists, particularly in the field of sculpture. The foundation provides seed donations to universities and institutions around the world, creating a "Liu Shiming Scholars Fund." Each partner school is responsible for managing and awarding scholarships based on demonstrated financial need and potential in the arts.

This partnership between the Liu Shiming Art Foundation and Rutgers University marks a new chapter in arts education at the university. The scholarship recognizes students' exceptional talent and creativity in the arts while promoting the foundation's objective of advancing the global conversation surrounding arts, history, and culture.

The Liu Shiming Art Foundation aims to award 100 scholarships annually worldwide, and they are actively seeking appropriate recipient schools to manage the financial awarding of such scholarships. The scholarship awarded to Jeanie No at Rutgers University is an exciting opportunity that will provide her with the resources and support to continue to grow and excel in her artistic pursuits.

Written by Yimeng Sun

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