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Meet our Liu Shiming Art Scholarship Winners!

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

We are so excited to announce that, in honor of the Chinese sculptor Liu Shiming, we have just awarded the Liu Shiming Art Scholarship to three distinguished artists from Cameroon, South Africa, and Ghana.

Cedric Cameroon - Women in Gold

In collaboration with the Liu Shiming Art Foundation, we interviewed artists from across Africa. We selected three outstanding artists who not only create beautiful paintings, sculptures, and plays but also give back to the community by teaching art in prisons, coloring the walls of elementary schools, and teaching theater in their communities.

On this Giving Tuesday, we proudly introduce the Open Dreams scholar Cedric Chopbukuned, the tremendous artist Kelvin Agyei, and the talented playwright and thespian Phozisa Menyo from South Africa.

Congratulations on receiving scholarships and celebrate all the incredible artists

we have met through this process. Thanks to our three-year partnership with

the Liu Shiming Foundation, applications are still available for next year.


Cedric Chop - Cameroon with artwork

We are honored to present the Liu Shiming Art Scholarship to Cedric Chopbukuned, an Open Dreams scholar and renowned artist from Cameroon. Cedric, a distinguished artist studying at the University of Bamenda, has painted many portraits of Open Dreams leaders, including the portrait of Aviva, the Women in Gold, and the one here of a child holding the Open Dreams logo. He taught art classes in prisons and hopes to use some of his scholarship to teach art at an orphanage in the future. Cedric also helps design flyers, t-shirts, and sweatshirts for Open Dreams.


Phozisa Menyo

"My artistic endeavors are driven by a deep-rooted desire to instigate positive change within my community and the broader world. Through my artwork, I aim to provoke thought, challenge perspectives, and inspire empathy, fostering a more understanding and compassionate society." - Phozisa Menyo, Liu Shiming Scholar, South Africa

Phozisa Menyo is an accomplished playwright and theater actress studying Theatre Arts and Design at Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa. She creates her one-woman shows and teaches theater in her community. She is passionate about creating social impact with her art. She says, "Through visually engaging and emotionally stimulating work, I seek to engage audiences on a visceral level, encouraging them to reflect on critical issues and inspiring them to become agents of change." She creates plays that address relevant and significant social issues and aims to help bring the arts to underserved communities.


Kelvin Aygei

"What I love most about sculpture is the tactile nature of it. I enjoy working with my hands, shaping and molding different materials to bring my ideas to life...Unlike other art forms, sculpture occupies physical space and can be viewed from various angles. I love how it involves people to interact with it and experience it in a more immersive way." - Kelvin Agyei, Liu Shiming Scholar, Ghana

Kelvin Agyei is an accomplished sculptor and artist studying Fine Art Sculpture at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. He loves art because it allows him to express and unleash his creativity. Like Liu Shiming, he is particularly drawn to sculpture because of its three-dimensional nature that "has the power to evoke emotion, tell a story, and leave a lasting impression on the viewer. "Kelvin also creates beautiful paintings and murals for local elementary schools and aspires to "create sculptures that evoke emotion, raise awareness, and inspire positive change."

Thank you to the Liu Shiming Foundation for believing in us and allowing us to find three such incredible artists and support them through this powerful fellowship.


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