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The Contemporary Resonance of the Silk Road: Liu Shiming’s Sculpture Silk Road in Cairo

In October 2023, after a long journey spanning over ten months, Liu Shiming’s large bronze sculpture Silk Road (1986) has finally arrived at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. This artwork traveled the two ancient civilizations of China and Egypt, bringing the vibrancy and cultural significance of the Silk Road spirit in contemporary society.

Silk Road (1986) at the American University in Cairo, Egypt

On February 26, 2023, the celebration and donation ceremony were successfully held in the vibrant New City in Cairo. Ahmad Dallal, the President of the American University in Cairo, provided insightful remarks during the donation ceremony. He believes that the arrival of Silk Road (1986) offers valuable opportunities for cultural exchange among multi-cultural artists. The donation not only promotes academic discussion within universities but also creates a more dynamic interaction between the local community and art.

As a contemporary Chinese sculptor who combines traditional Eastern culture with modern techniques, Liu Shiming created this large sculpture, Silk Road (1986). Using the representations of camel and Buddha, which are emblematic of the ancient Silk Road, he condensed the profound history of the Silk Road as a new route for cultural exchange, capturing a historical testament to the convergence and dissemination of Eastern and Western civilizations.

Silk Road (1986)’s installing site in Cairo

Since 2022, Liu Shiming Scholars Fund has partnered with American University in Cairo to assist more young artists and scholars in achieving their artistic and academic pursuits. Through Silk Road (1986), Liu Shiming Art Foundation hopes to provide the local community with an opportunity to be exposed to art from a wider region, creating a more inclusive and diverse cultural field. The Foundation commits to advocating for global art and cultural communication. In collaboration with the American University in Cairo, the Foundation gives more opportunities to young scholars and art students, allowing a broader community to experience the vibrant cultural landscape of contemporary China.

Written by Chirui Cheng

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