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Western University Presents Inaugural Liu Shiming Scholarship to Aspiring Young Artist

On October 26th, Western University's artLAB Gallery in Ontario, Canada, welcomed the public to the "In the Heart of the Bronze: A Liu Shiming Experience" exhibition. Alongside the exhibition marks the introduction of the first-ever Liu Shiming Scholarship recipient at Western University, Kate Martha Murphy.

Liu Shiming Scholar:Kate Martha Murphy

Murphy, a third-year Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts student at Western University, is majoring in Studio Arts and a minor in Film. Her artistic commitment has been recognized through previous scholarships, highlighting her exceptional talent in the arts.

Upon receiving the Liu Shiming Scholarship, Kate expressed her gratitude and noted the meaningful effect the scholarship will have on her educational and creative endeavors. She mentioned, "There are so many talented students that I get to study and create with at Western. I was absolutely surprised and honored to receive this award. The scholarship funds will significantly aid in completing my degree."

Kate Murphy, recipient of the Liu Shiming Scholarship, being awarded by Geoffrey Glick (Acting president of Liu Shiming Art Foundation).

During the interview, she also shared her thoughts about the Liu Shiming sculpture exhibition at Western University, specifically expressing her love for the Sparrows piece. She draws inspiration from Liu Shiming’s art, particularly the deep personal connection between his life stories and his art. This connection aligns perfectly with her desire to create art that is based on personal narratives. In her own work, she often explores themes related to mental health, aiming to support and relate to others through her artistic creations.

Looking to the future, Kate plans to explore various artistic mediums, such as oil painting, and is considering advanced academic opportunities. The Liu Shiming Scholarship is here to support her as she continues her artistic journey.

The Liu Shiming Art Foundation, established in 2021, is a non-profit organization named after the late Chinese artist Liu Shiming. Its mission is to honor Liu's artistic heritage and support the advancement of art, history, and culture. The foundation has awarded 42 scholarships in 37 schools across 12 countries worldwide, with the Liu Shiming Scholarship at Western University being a notable addition to its philanthropic efforts.

Written by Yolly Zhang

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