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Kate Liu: Embracing Medieval Narratives and Sculptural Expressions

Updated: Feb 20

Columbia University’s vibrant art scene witnesses the rise of a new star, Yuhuan (Kate) Liu, the recipient of Liu Shiming Scholarhip in 2023. Specializing in Western medieval art, Kate's passion shines through her deep engagement with illuminated manuscripts and oil paintings. Her creative journey is further enriched by her affinity for sculpture, a medium she finds most resonant with her artistic voice. “Art for me is a way to bridge the past and the present,” Kate shares thoughtfully. “In my work with medieval art, I find a timeless resonance that speaks not just of history, but of human emotions and experiences that transcend time. Sculpture, with its tangible and enduring nature, allows me to explore these themes in a way that is both personal and universal.”

Yuhuan (Kate) Liu. Courtesy the recipient

Currently, Kate is involved in a project of MA in Art History Presents, destined to culminate in an exhibition this coming autumn. This opportunity, facilitated by her Liu Shiming Scholarship, not only recognizes her talents and capabilities but also connects her with the legacy of Liu Shiming's artistic sensibilities. Kate finds a unique intersection of her own artistic explorations with Shiming’s styles, despite the differences in their mediums and cultural backgrounds.

As a scholar and art history student, Kate reflects on art's transformative power and her role in it. She anticipates her next steps in both academic and creative realms, driven by the recognition and opportunities afforded by the Liu Shiming Scholarship.

Written by Chirui Cheng

Photo credits to:Yuhuan (Kate) Liu

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