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The Liu Shiming Art Foundation is pleased to announce the very first ten recipients of the Liu Shiming grant. In keeping with the Foundation’s mission—preserving and continuing the legacy of Chinese artist Liu Shiming and advancing the global discourse surrounding the arts, history, and culture—the work of each of these emerging artists is a unique exploration of multiculturism and our shared humanity. The grant is intended to encourage and support artists who are dedicated to the lifelong pursuit of developing their art and contributing to society.


“While Shiming passed away in 2010, these grants extend his legacy by providing art students and emerging artists with a wonderful opportunity to fulfill their own artistic and scholarly pursuits. The Liu Shiming grant channels Shiming’s great passion for not only sculpture, but all art that captures the scenes and experiences of everyday life. Through these grants and future initiatives, The Liu Shiming Foundation hopes to inspire future generations with his work and story,” says Liu Shiming Art Foundation board member Geoffrey M. Glick. 


The Liu Shiming Art Grant is given to young artists who are no longer enrolled in school or students enrolled in institutions outside of the foundation’s partner universities and colleges. This grant is an addition to the Liu Shiming Scholars Funds program which aims to provide 100 scholarships every year to art students worldwide through the seed donations to partner schools. Up to now, the Foundation has set up 39 Liu Shiming Scholars Funds at 32 schools in 12 countries across four continents. 


This year’s recipients are incredibly diverse, from their chosen artistic mediums to their geographic backgrounds, cultures and identities. Each artist’s focus is unique and reflective of a wide variety of interests and intentions while representing a commonality of spirit. The 2023 grant winners intend to use their $3,000 grant to examine a range of topics including the exploration of Black identity (Chridinma Dureke), the impact of photography on everyday life (Perri Cohl Hoffman), the influence of New York City’s architecture on human behavior (Melanie Block), the intersection between indigenous African culture and contemporary realities (Ifunanya Madufor), and much more.


Photo credits to: Artsits

Blair Simmons & Maya Pollack photo credits to: Ella Bains

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