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Advancing Artistic Dreams:Ally Thanassi Awarded the Liu Shiming Art Foundation Scholarship

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The Liu Shiming Art Foundation is proud to announce Ally Thanassi as the recipient of the prestigious Liu Shiming Art Foundation Scholarship for the year 2023. This esteemed scholarship is awarded to a select few exceptional artists who demonstrate immense talent, dedication, and promise in the eld of visual arts.

Ally Thanassi, a gifted artist and student of Bowdoin College, has been selected among a pool of highly talented applicants from across the nation. Thanassi’s extraordinary artistic abilities, unique perspective, and passion stood out among the numerous candidates, making her the ideal choice for this year's scholarship. A double major in Classical Studies and Visual Arts, Thanassi hopes to combine these interests to build a career focused on art restoration and historic preservation. “I am fascinated by history, and think we have so much to learn from old art and architecture.”

The Liu Shiming Art Foundation Scholarship was established with the late sculptor’s vision of supporting emerging artists and providing them with a platform to ourish and pursue their artistic dreams. The scholarship is a testament to the Foundation's commitment to nurturing talent and promoting innovation in the realm of visual arts.

Through the opportunity that this scholarship will provide, Ally Thanassi will receive a generous nancial award, enabling her to further develop her artistic skills, pursue specialized training, and explore new creative avenues. She plans to attend a summer program in Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and is looking forward to expanding her knowledge of historic preservation. The scholarship funds will also assist Thanassi in acquiring necessary art supplies, participating in workshops, and accessing mentorship opportunities to enhance her artistic journey.

Ally Thanassi expressed her gratitude and excitement upon being chosen as the Liu Shiming Art Foundation Scholarship recipient. "There are so many things that I want to do, and getting this scholarship means so much to me. I am excited to keep exploring all of these opportunities.”

The Liu Shiming Art Foundation congratulates Ally Thanassi on this well-deserved achievement and wishes her continued success in her artistic endeavors. The Foundation remains committed to fostering the growth of talented artists and looks forward to witnessing the remarkable contributions Ally Thanassi will make to the art world. For more information about the Liu Shiming Art Foundation and its scholarship programs, please visit

Written by Emma Alcorn

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