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Art as Resonance:Liu Shiming Scholarship in Fine Arts Awarded to CUHK Graduate Leung Ching Man

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

The Liu Shiming Art Foundation is thrilled to announce the recipient of the Liu Shiming Scholarship in Fine Arts — Calis Leung Ching Man, who is a Master of Arts graduate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

Liu Shiming Scholar: Calis Leung Ching Man

The Foundation, established in 2021, is a non-profit organization named after the late Chinese artist Liu Shiming. Its mission is to preserve and continue Liu's artistic legacy while promoting advancements in art, history, and culture. Currently, the foundation has established an impressive 39 scholarships across 12 countries around the globe, with the Liu Shiming Scholarship at CUHK being a significant contribution to this cause.

Leung, the recipient of the scholarship, expressed how Liu Shiming's art deeply moved her, as he crafted from an empathetic heart, focusing not only on his own feelings but also capturing the lives of various social classes. Liu used art to communicate these perspectives with others, something that Leung also aspires to do.

Deeply moved by Liu's empathetic artistry, Leung's own creations, inspired by her personal experiences with illness, aim to resonate with audiences and provide relief amidst global anxiety. Leung acknowledged the challenges of pursuing art in Hong Kong, from costly rents to social pressures. The Liu Shiming scholarship offered her affirmation and practical support.

Associate Professor Tam Wai Ping from CUHK's Art Department acknowledged the struggle artists face between pursuing their passion and livelihood. He noted that scholarships like the Liu Shiming Scholarship in Fine Arts can help ease these concerns. Department Head Frank Vigneron echoed this sentiment, expressing gratitude to the foundation for their trust and support, while underscoring CUHK's unique position as the sole Hong Kong school to benefit from this scholarship.

Having suffered from a condition that caused loss of sensation on one side of her body, Leung infused her anxieties into her artwork "Slough". The piece serves not only as a source of self-inspiration but also encourages others to bravely confront and transform their own struggles. Leung aims to use the scholarship to organize more exhibitions and inspire others through her art.

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