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Mickey Boyd's "Stairs and Portals to the Same Place"

Earlier this year, the Liu Shiming Art Foundation announced Mickey Boyd, a recent Master of Fine Arts sculpture graduate from Georgia University's Lamar Dodd School of Art, as the recipient of the Liu Shiming Scholars Fund.

Boyd is a multi-disciplinary artist with a rich background in metalworking, woodworking, curating, and multimedia sculpturing. He stands out for his innovative use of materials, satirical undertone, and the adept handling of various creative mediums. Originating from the Southern Rocky Mountains of Colorado, his work subtly illustrates the dichotomy between his rural roots and his experiences as a tradesperson in bustling urban environments.

His large-scale installation project, "Stairs and Portals to the Same Place", directly financed by the scholarship, is an exploration of the complexities of the contemporary built environment, formed under the influence of late-stage capitalism. The installation, built from dimensional lumber, plywood, gypsum board, vinyl siding, asphalt shingles, pre-hung window, carpet, and door, aims to be a continually evolving piece, never appearing the same twice. Boyd plans to show this work many times and to constantly add and remove from it, giving it an enduring life and a mutable form.

Mickey Boyd, Stairs and Portals to the Same Place,2023

dimensional lumber, plywood, gypsum board, vinyl siding, asphalt shingles, pre-hung window, found carpet, found door

Boyd's artistic expression often mirrors his concerns about the world's state, especially issues such as pollution and environmental changes. In a recent collaborative exhibition named "Waste Creation", Boyd examined the spread of man-made constructs, the ceaseless dispersion of ideas and information, and the consequences of increased environmental pollution.

Katie Geha, the Director of Galleries at the Lamar Dodd School of Art, commended Mickey on his work ethic and commitment to the art school community. She highlighted his efforts to organize exhibitions, mentor fellow students, and his profound consideration of the built environment's political implications and its impact on everyday people.

The Foundation has established the "Liu Shiming Scholars Fund" in numerous universities and institutions worldwide, intending to annually award 100 scholarships to artists, researchers, and scholars demonstrating financial need and promising talent. The scholarship fund has undeniably played an instrumental role in helping Boyd materialize his vision, easing the financial stress often associated with such ambitious artistic endeavors.

In an interview with the Liu Shiming Foundation, Mickey shared his plans for the future. His aspirations include continuing to create and showcase artwork, teaching in academia, and completing his thesis work. With the grant's financial support, Boyd can now focus on his passion without worrying about the financial implications of his work. His art project, "Stairs and Portals to the Same Place", stands as a testament to his vision, made possible by the Liu Shiming Art Foundation's support for emerging talent.

Written by Yimeng Sun

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