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The Liu Shiming Art Grant is a charitable fund that aims to encourage artists who are dedicated to the lifetime pursuit of developing their art and contributing to society. Our highest priority is to support artists early in their careers who create work or projects that have the potential to blossom and grow, while we encourage them to reflect on how humanity and multiculturalism are represented in their work.


In addition to our scholarship program, the Liu Shiming Art Foundation awards numerous grants to young artists who are no longer enrolled in school or students enrolled in institutions outside our partner universities / colleges.

(Please click the link to view the list of our partner universities and colleges:


Moreover, the Liu Shiming Art Foundation provides opportunities for aspiring artists to fund their passion and support their contributions to society.


  • Under 40 years old.

  • Continually engaged in artistic creation.

  • Applicants with detailed art project plans are preferred.

  • International Students interested in: including Fine Art, New Media, Film, Design, Architecture, Music, Photography, and Performance & and other artistic practices.

Key Dates

  • Application start date: September 10, 2022 (12:00 PM EST).

  • Deadline for submission: December 31, 2022 (12:00 PM EST). 

  • Application extended the deadline to January 20 2023.

    The list of recipients will be announced in early January 2023.

Total Amount of the Grant: 3000 USD

The grant will be awarded in two separate amounts: the first half will be awarded after the recipient is notified, and the second half will be awarded upon the completion of the program.

Materials Required for Application (Must be Submitted Online)

1. Complete the Application Form


2. Statement (1-2 pages)

  • A short, concise statement giving an overview of your artistic practice. This statement should give a brief introduction to the ideas, themes, and methods in your practice, and how the proposed plan is related to the missions of the Liu Shiming Art Foundation. Please discuss ideas and inspiration that will be relevant to your project.



3. Resume

  • A 1-page PDF resume detailing your artistic career that relates to the discipline in which you have applied for. Resumes may be submitted in either CV (bulleted) or biology (paragraph) format.

  • Educational history should be included.

  • Activities, awards, or any feature that you’d like to mention.



4. Project plans

  • A specific timeline of your planned steps for conducting your project.

  • Description of the chosen area of study and the research issue of interest.

  • Explanation of long-range career goals and how this grant will advance your career

  • May include up to 10 digital images and/or two videos of up to 2-minutes in length as supportive materials.

  • A detailed budget plan with the cost and description of each budget item (Download the document).



5. E-portfolio or website link

  • Portfolio should be submitted in the format of .pdf.



6. 2 Recommendation letters

  • If the applicant has participated in an undergraduate/graduate/doctoral or any research program, a letter from the        advisor, mentor, or faculty members could be particularly valuable.

  • Letters should be saved in .pdf format and should not exceed 4MB.



7. Photo ID

  • Images should be saved in .pdf/.jpeg/.jpg/.png format and should not exceed 4MB.



8. Transcripts and GPAs (if applicable)

  • Baccalaureate degree transcript(s) showing all undergraduate coursework completed or in progress as of Fall 2022, grades, and baccalaureate degree award date (if awarded), as well as GPA. (Note: If an institution does not calculate a GPA or the applicant prefers not to enter it, it is not required.) Transcripts for associate’s degrees, non-degree coursework, or study abroad programs are not required.



9. Other supportive materials (if applicable)

  • Any other miscellaneous information the applicant would like to share can be included. Please pack all your application materials in a single zip-file. File name should be labeled with the applicant’s full name and your area of concentration, i.e. “”



      2023 Application start date: September 10, 2022(12:00 PM EST).

      Deadline for submission: December 31, 2022(12:00 PM EST).

        Application extended the deadline to January 20 2023.

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