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2021                                   New York

The Liu Shiming Art Foundation is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2021, with the goal of supporting students of the arts worldwide while elevating and preserving the art of our namesake, renowned Chinese artist, Liu Shiming. We aim to provide scholarships, grants, and exchange opportunities to cultivate and grow a global arts discourse that recognizes our common humanity, as Liu Shiming did.


Our programs are rapidly expanding, with the aim of creating a platform that collectively supports the study of arts, history and culture and shares the rich aesthetic, inclusion and humanity of art.

DC Exhibition _Kindness Expresses_Truth and Love_ P08.jpg

" I think that sculpture should be focused on people and the depiction of people, because people are social beings and creators of art. When we lose people and the human spirit, art loses its soul. "


                                             - Liu Shiming


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